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Create a Brand: How Are You Unique?

When you create a Brand for your business you set yourself apart from your competition.

Once you have made the decision to start a virtual assistant business, you will need to spend some time creating your unique brand. What is unique about you and what you have to offer?

Create a Brand that is all yours

How will you brand yourself?

Your first impression is very important and you want to make sure you are presenting a professional image at all times. To be seen as a serious business owner, and paid what you are worth, you need to present that image from the very start.

Invest some money in quality business cards, stationery and an organized, well designed website. The startup costs for a virtual assistant business is considerably less than many traditional businesses; however, if you start it like a hobby, rather than a business, it will be very difficult to present a more professional image down the road.

Give some thought into the name you choose for your business and a logo design. Choose a name that is creative and describes your business but is not too “cutesy” to be taken seriously. Remember that if you expand your business services in the future, you want to make sure your business name is not too limiting. “Karen’s Word Processing Biz” may not be appropriate if you are going to also provide bookkeeping and database management services down the road. You may also want to team up with other virtual assistants who have skills you don’t possess which can expand your service offerings.

There are many inexpensive companies that will design logos and matching business cards with stationery sets. You don’t need to spend a fortune but always remember your image is everything. You are in business for yourself and everything you do needs to reflect your level of professionalism.

One advantage of starting a business today is the ease of creating a website. You can get a professional looking website for a small investment but one that will pay off immensely. On the internet, your website  is your primary marketing tool so make sure it presents you well and showcases your unique qualities.

Creating Your Unique Brand

What sets you apart from the competition? What is your unique selling point? Take some time to consider these questions and brand yourself.

Create a logo and make sure that it is consistent on all of your marketing materials. When you create a brand, your business cards, website, brochures and letterhead should all match and present a consistent brand image that your clients will recognize. This is your business and you want your brand to be something you are proud to show everyone.

Another aspect of your brand is your credentials.

What specific training and skills do you have? Highlight these skills in your business marketing materials and you will create a brand that sets you apart from the other virtual assistant businesses. Be sure to mention and certifications you have earned or other credentials that can set you apart.

Have you earned specific Certifications for Virtual Assistants or for the particular services you offer? Make sure you mention these in brochures and on your website.

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