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How do I get paid?

Another question new Virtual Assistants have is “how do I get paid”?

You have a variety of options for how to invoice your clients and how to receive payments. Most traditional payment processing with a bank and accepting credit card payments do involve fees. Some bank fees can be expensive and credit card payments can be expensive for small businesses as well.

A virtual business can actually simplify the way you get paid. One nice thing about the internet is the ability for anyone with a website to accept payments online. I use Paypal because their fees are small and they have been around the internet long enough to have developed a good reputation. Anyone familiar with ebay is familiar with Paypal. Customers want to know they are using a reputable service that will protect their identity and keep their credit card safe.

You can also use Paypal to create your own invoice in Quickbooks and email it to your client with a Paypal “Pay Now” option on the invoice. Once your client receives the invoice email, they can click on this option button and it will take them directly to your Paypal account.

Paypal is not the only option available to you but it is the only one I have used. I wanted something easy since accounting is not my strong point. You can send invoices the old fashioned way and wait for a check, but it takes longer. You also want to establish a reputation with a businesses before you do work without payment. Many of my clients are international and I do proofreading for them but insists on payment first since I found them in the virtual world and would not be able to collect payment after the work was done if they decided not to pay. Most people are honest but in the virtual world I like to be safe.

Take some time to research how you want to process payments but don’t let things get too complicated. Use the resources available to you.

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