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Home Based Business Marketing

Home Based Business Marketing for a Virtual Assistant business is easier than you may think.

Since your business is virtual, the first thing you will need to do is create your own Website. Your website will serve as a tool not only to market your services but as a first impression of you and your business to potential clients.

There are basically two ways to promote your business; online and offline. Almost half of all VAs use both methods equally to promote their business.

Online Marketing

Your website is a very important aspect of your marketing, therefore make sure you create the most professional looking website possible. Once you have your website up you will need to bring some traffic of potential clients to your site.

There are many ways to promote your website online for Free:

Blogs: Blogs are an easy way to bring traffic to your site. WordPress and Google Blogger can help beginners set up a blog quickly and easily – and free! Start your own blog and talk about your services and what you have to offer. You can also search online for forums related to your industry. Post some advice on one of these forums with a signature including a link to your site for some free traffic.

Article Marketing: Article marketing is a great way to promote your new business. Think about what is unique about you and your services. You only need about 500 words to write an informative article. Think of some helpful advice you can give potential clients and how your services can help. There are free article directories that will post your article when approved. Include links back to your website and you can catch some free traffic.

Press Releases: Another way to go about your home based business marketing is to write a press release. This is basically a short story about your business that you traditionally submit to the media, radio and publishers. Today, you can also submit press releases online and there are services that will distribute your press releases on the internet for you.

Social Networking Sites:
Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube offer huge forums to attract likeminded business professionals. Create social groups with other virtual assistants and business professionals who can utilize your business skills. The social site, Squidoo, allows members to create unique pages, or lenses that showcase a particular kind of content. It’s like developing a new webpage each time.

Email marketing: – It’s much the same as direct mail, but involves referrals from people who visit the website and also links back to your website where the potential client can look around and get a feel for your expertise.

Paid Internet Advertising:You can always pay to drive traffic to your website through services such as Google Adwords if you can afford it, but as you can see there are many free ways to bring potential clients to your website. You don’t need to pay to advertise your website unless you have the money and want to go that route.

Take Advantage of Free Traffic Methods for Your Website:

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