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Home Based Business Scams
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Home Based Business Scams

Don’t Fall prey to Home Based Business Scams that only look right great opportunities.

The explosive growth of home based business scams on the internet is a disturbing trend.

There are so many business opportunities advertised today that it can be very difficult to find a legitimate home business.

So many of these businesses make it seem very easy to make money from home on your computer. Just turn your computer on and the money will pour in!

Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy!

What’s great about the Virtual Assistant Industry is the fact that it is a legitimate home based business. Many virtual assistants are earning a living from home, taking advantage of modern computer and internet technologies.

No scam or promise of quick riches, just a real opportunity for those with skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. Unfortunately, the VA industry is not immune to the promoters of home based business scams.

I tried getting my feet wet in this industry by looking for virtual assistant jobs from online sources and discovered these were not always as good as they seemed. While there are ways to find a real virtual assistant job online, there are scams as well.

Here are some ways to spot a Home Based Business Scam…

  • Virtual Assistant staffing agencies that want money up front. There may be application fees or excessive unpaid training which is not optional.
  • Agencies that require you to purchase expensive training books, software or equipment before sending you work. Free virtual assistant training or very affordable options should be available, and you should be able to apply previous training and experience.
  • Agencies that say they will provide you with a list of companies that are hiring virtual assistants, but you must pay them to obtain the list. These are usually outdated lists and not companies currently looking for VAs.
  • Remember legitimate companies do not charge you to work for them. They also do not require extensive training or equipment which you may already have and do not need.

    There are some websites you can visit to check for scams on the internet. Here are three websites designed to help with business scams advertised on the internet.

    1. Better Business Bureau Online –

    Networking  is the best way to find Virtual Assistant Jobs.

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