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How to Choose a Specialty/Niche and Why You Need to Focus Your Business

Why should you specialize as a Virtual Assistant?

Many VAs work as generalist and offer a wide variety of services, however there are many advantages to focusing your business on more specific specialized service.

Here is why…

1.Specializing makes you more competitive.

By focusing your business on a specific service or industry, you distinguish yourself from your competitors.
Many a potential clients seeking help from a virtual assistant do have a very specific task in mind. If you provide that service or specialize in their particular industry, you will have the edge on the competition.

2. Make more money.

Virtual Assistant Specialist can charge more. Just like in any industry, those that are the most knowledgeable and skilled can command the highest pay rates.

3. Not specializing can run you ragged and drive you crazy.

VAs that offer too many services or do not clearly define their services to their clients, can end up juggling too many tasks and taking on too many responsibilities. Clients may expect you to perform any task they need at a given moment just as they would an employee hired to be their assistant.

4. Have a Specialized Niche in a Target Market helps you market your business to the Right Client.

Its going to be difficult to market your business to your chosen target audience if you offer too many different types of services. On the other hand, if you specialize as a Social Marketing Expert for growing online businesses, you know exactly who your ideal client is and how to market your services to them.

So How Do You Choose a Specialty?

Specialize in what you know. If you are skilled at transcription then specialize in transcription. If youre an expert blogger or bookkeeper then specialize in those tasks. If you know the ins and outs of publishing then specialize in virtual administration for authors.

Specialize in what you enjoy doing. If you love social networking then specialize in managing and creating social networking profiles. Youll be much happier and productive if youre doing something you enjoy.

Specialize in something thats in demand. Take a look at the job boards. What jobs are commonly posted for virtual assistants? Chances are, thats an in demand niche. If its also something you enjoy and are skilled in then you have a winner.