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How to Choose a Virtual Assistant Training Program?

Could you benefit from some Virtual Assistant Training?

Here are some things to ask yourself when considering virtual assistant training…

  • Are your administrative skills current and at the level of proficiency needed to work independently in a home office?

    You won't have a coworker to ask a question if you get stuck. As an employee, you may be able to learn on the job; however, as an independent contractor your clients will expect you to be extremely proficient in the skills you are advertising.

  • Are your skills proficient enough for you to work quickly and efficiently while not sacrificing quality?

    Your clients will not appreciate being charged for more time than would be necessary with a more efficient virtual assistant.

  • Do you have the necessary internet and technological skills to run a virtual assistant business from your home?

    Since you will be working in a virtual office, you need to be able to communicate with your clients effectively utilizing the modern technology tools available. A virtual assistant needs to understand more than just email. How else will you communicate with your clients? Do you understand internet communication services (VoIP), instant messaging and online fax programs?

  • Do you have specialty skills you can offer to expand your business?

    Services such as bookkeeping, web design and marketing are in high demand. Those with experience and certification in real estate, medical or the legal industry are needed today as well. Internet marketing is also a skill that is in great demand particularly with online business owners.

  • Do you understand how to run and market your own business?

    You will be self-employed and need to understand how to handle bookkeeping, taxes and payment processing. You also need to market yourself and find your own work.

    When I started my virtual assistant business, I had years of experience and a very high level of proficiency in many software packages but still took advantage of some excellent virtual assistant training programs. The training programs I picked have helped me grow my business more than anything else I have done.