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Finding Clients

Finding Clients: Where do I begin?

Many new virtual assistants focus on finding virtual assistant jobs rather than finding clients. What’s the difference? The distinction is actually quite important.

Clients are business owners that you can build a lasting relationship with and work as a team. Clients will work with a virtual assistant on a continual basis and may add more responsibilties as their trust in their VA grows.

Virtual Assistant jobs are often just one time projects. The VA does not have the time to learn much about the business and discover ways to help the business flourish. They simply perform the job for a set amount of money or often a low hourly rate. Once finished they need to look for a new job.

This is a tough way to make a living as a Virtual Assistant. If you want to build a profitable home based business, you need to find loyal clients that will use your services on a continual basis. Some virtual assistants even go as far as only taking on clients on a “retainer” basis. This provides a steady flow of work…and more importantly, a steady flow of income.

The best way I know to find clients is to market your business every way you can and to master the skill of networking. Attend offline networking events and carry your business cards with you everywhere you go. Have a good referral incentive program for your existing clients because word of mouth is a great way to build your business.

Once you set up your website, join some social networking sites and begin networking with other business owners who may need your services, or know of others who do.

Concentrate on finding clients to form lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with, and you can build a successful home based Virtual Assistant business.