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Home Based Business Scams
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Learn Video Marketing – Today's Hottest Niche!

Are you looking to become an expert in a Hot and Growing niche for Virtual Assistants?

Learn how you can Master the skills for Online Video Marketing and Quickly Build your business with clients that desperately need your help and expertise!

My highly recommended VA Training Resource
The VAClassroom
has come up with another Great training program for Virtual Assistants…

“Online Video Marketing Specialist”

This program offers 10 comprehensive training modules and 2 60 minute live discussions with Q&As. Everything you need to become an expert in this Hot Niche.

The price will be $297 on March 21, 2011 but you can get the early bird special now for $197 – and an additional $50 off that price for those who sign up soon for their 1st run of this new program.

I recommend you check it out at
The VAClassroom Online Video Marketing

What is included in the Online Video Marketing Specialist Training Course?

In this exciting new training program, you will receive:

Two weeks of top-notch self-scheduled daily training including 10 multimedia lessons.

Regularly updated resource guides, templates and tools.

Two LIVE 60-minute Q&A discussions, so you can bring forth any questions you may have during the two-week program.

Practical assignments to help you directly apply your newly developed skills to your business.

Membership in our NEW Online Video Marketing Social Network, which will give you the opportunity to discuss and share the course content with the instructors and your peers.

Unlimited access to the video recordings and training center, so you can re-review videos and resources when it is convenient for you.