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3 Questions to Ask Yourself about Virtual Assistant Training

There are various virtual assistant training programs offered online, but it can be hard to know which are going to be worth the investment. When you enroll in a training program designed for virtual assistants, you are investing your money and your valuable time. There are 3 questions you need to ask yourself before you commit to any one training program to be sure you receive a return on your investment.

1. Is this training something I need?

Keep in mind anyone can offer virtual assistant training and a certification, but that doesn’t mean its something you need. The VA industry is unregulated and no specific training or certification is required. Take an honest look at your level of proficiency in your core skills and determine what areas need improvement. Everyone has strong and weak areas; and successful professionals are always looking for ways to improve.

Don’t just sign up for a training program because you believe certification will make you appear more professional to potential clients.

Your clients will be more interested in your skills and the quality of your services, rather than proof of certification. Take a look at the specific skills you will be learning and choose only the training programs that will actually enhance your skills or give you a chance to quickly learn something new.

2. Is the training program designed around current in-demand skills that will actually help you grow your business?

There are specific skills business owners are looking for today that you want to focus your business around. You certainly don’t want to spend time and money learning outdated skills that are no longer in high demand. Remember technology is changing rapidly and businesses are struggling to keep up.

Your virtual assistant business will evolve over time and your clients will depend upon you to keep up to date on the latest trends…particularly in online marketing, social marketing and telecommunications. Look for a training program that teaches the skills you need to offer the services today’s business owners are looking for.

3. Is this training program high quality and will it deliver what it promises?

Some virtual assistant training programs have been around a long time and earned an excellent reputation. These training programs focus on the most needed skills today and will actually help you build your business. Look for a training program that delivers content in a variety of ways…online in videos, audios and in print for reading offline.

Today it’s easier than ever to take courses online conveniently around your home life and work schedule. A good VA training course will teach you valuable skills and allow you to measure your progress so that you are sure you fully understand what you are learning.

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