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Start a Virtual Assistant Business _ Part-time

Start a Virtual Assistant Business _ Part-time

One great thing about a Virtual Assistant home business is that you can start one part-time while you have another job.

If you have a full-time job and need that financial security, you can still start a virtual assistant business on the side. You can find one or two clients to start out and do some work for them when you are not at work.

I would caution you not to work on your new Virtual Assistant business while at work. Not only will this not go well for you if you get caught, but it’s not fair to your current employer. You may be able to check your emails and other messages from your new VA clients but it’s best to keep your two jobs separate.

BE upfront with your new clients. Let them know you are just getting started and are not ready to leave your full-time job just yet. In this economy who would not understand that? Your honesty will establish clear expectations and avoid any conflicts. For instance they will know they cannot call you in the morning with a question while you are at your other job, and will not be upset or concerned when they cannot reach you.

Starting a Virtual Assitant business part-time has other advantages as well. You can learn if this business really is something you want to pursue full-time and dedicate yourself to building this home based business. You may also find you are sure you want to build this home based business but may discover which service you enjoy and which you really don’t want to specialize in.

Working with a few clients part-time is a great way to get your feet wet and can make it possible for anyone to become a virtual assistant even if they currently have a full-time job and cannot afford to leave it.

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