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Virtual Assistant Certification

Do you need Virtual Assistant Certification?

While there is no regulation that requires you to obtain certification before you start a virtual assistant business, certification does provide assurance to your potential clients that you possess the necessary skills to perform the functions you are advertising.

Virtual Assistant Certification contributes towards the legitimacy of the industry and ensures standards are upheld and consistent.

It is not uncommon for many professions to require certification. Serious professionals will welcome the opportunity to invest in themselves and their business to ensure they have the proper skills and are upholding the standards set for the Virtual Assistant Industry.

There are actually very affordable options for obtaining virtual assistant certification. If you are able to budget some money in the start-up of your business, you may find obtaining certification can give you an edge on your competition. If you look at things for a client’s point of view, they may be more wary of hiring someone they do not know to work for them virtually.

If they found you online and you live in another state or even country, the client does not even have the chance to meet you in person. A professional certification can help assure them you will provide excellent services in a timely and cost effective manner. Certification also shows that you have an understanding of the ethics of the industry and that you are a dedicated professional who takes this industry seriously.

Here are some options for Virtual Assistant Certification


ExpertRating Online Skills Certifications: This website offers certification in office skills, language, writing and software programs at very affordable prices. – Offers two levels of certification for all Virtual Assistants. This is a certification agency and not a training agency. The process of certification involves submitting an application to an independent credentialing authority. This authority then questions your references, verifies your work experience, and evaluates your education just as if they were going to hire you for a job. If you have earned enough credits/points and displayed your professionalism, you are then awarded the PVA.

PVA – The Professional Virtual Assistant requires 300 points.

MVA – The Master Virtual Assistant requires 400 points. An MVA is a PVA that has risen above the crowd. They have the experience and know-how to become mentors and coaches for Virtual Assistants and Professional Virtual Assistants (PVAs).

By holding the designation of MVA, other VAs know they can trust the opinion of these individuals because they have been through the growing process. They have built a Virtual Assistant practice and achieved success in their chosen field.

Both certifications show the Virtual Assistant has the core skills required to perform their services as well as an understanding of ethics of the industry. Virtual Assistants displaying the PVA or MVA certification are required to maintain a high level of personal conduct and ethics in their business practice.

Specialty Certification:

Real Estate Virtual Assistants:

Offers 2 day online certification – The Real Estate Professional Assistant’s (REPA) course is a comprehensive two-day certificate program that provides an intensive introduction to the real estate business and to the specific ways support staff can become valuable assets to their employers. Every administrative employee in the brokerage office, from the listing secretary to the personal assistant, will benefit tremendously from this quick-start program. Employer’s will save time and money with this resource for professional training, while giving new employees a sense of belonging.

Virtual Assistant Training

Internet Marketing Virtual Assistants: I highly recommend this program to anyone who has an interest in helping businesses with their internet marketing efforts! I completed this certification and was very impressed with the amount of information I received. There is also ongoing support and a marketplace for you to showcase your website and find clients.

VAClassroom features an innovative online training center designed to equip Virtual Assistants with the right niche skills businesses are currently seeking in 2008 and beyond. VAClassroom’s certification programs have been designed in collaboration with Professional Virtual Assistants and the entrepreneurs and businesses that regularly hire them.

Virtual Event Specialist: The VAClassroom is now offering a new program for Virtual Event Specialist. This training gives VAs the skills and certification to assist businesses with the growing trend of virtual meetings, presentations and conferences.
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Social Networking Specialist

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Virtual Assistant Training Programs

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