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Where can I find Virtual Assistant Jobs?

There are some places you can go to look for Virtual assistant jobs that are legitimate and will not charge you any fees upfront.

Some Associations charge membership fees but are legitimate and offer resources designed specifically for their members. A good place to start is to go to one of the Virtual Assistant Association websites.

These have legitimate job posting and often inexpensive advertising options for virtual assistants to post their websites.

Virtual Assistant Job Boards has a large job board of legitimate companies for paid members. The monthly membership fee is $14.95 and the job board is rather large for a reasonable fee. This is a good resource to check out and they offer additional free resources to their members.

Shelancers: Association of Female Freelancers- This website has a job board and other resources for Virtual Assistants and freelance workers. Join Shelancers Today!

VAClassroom: This training resource also has a “VA Marketplace” which is a membership area for Virtual Assistants to post their profiles with links to their website for potential clients to find. You will have a free profile listed for 60 days when you register for one of their training programs, then it is $9.99 per month.

There are free internet job boards for Virtual Assistants and freelancer workers where you can search for VA jobs. Has some virtual assistant jobs listed.

Craigslist where you can search for jobs and also advertise your services for free or a small fee. This site is a free service to search for and find freelancers. Here you can submit proposals to jobs which are listed in categories by type and skill. You can post 3 proposals for free or 20 with paid membership.

Keep in mind these with these job sites you are competing in the global market and will see jobs for very low hourly rates, some as low as $5 per hour. Do not be overly discouraged about this. Remember your ultimate goal is to build a relationship with a client base that will pay you what you are worth. Your goal for your business is not to find “Virtual Assistant jobs” but to work in partnership with your “Virtual Assistant cients”. Use these free job boards to get started or supplement your income during slow times.

What is the best way to find Virtual Assistant clients?

Create your own Virtual Assistant home based business and find your own work. No need to worry about scams or give a portion of your profits away. Learn how you can be up and running in 30 days!

Networking – both on and offline. Start by networking with established VAswho may have an overflow of work to give you. Try former employers and people you know. Word of Mouth is still the best way to get jobs.

Be cautious of any offer that seems to good to be true. Often the easiest way to spot a business scam is to use the same common sense when looking at Virtual Assistant opportunities as you would any other business or job opportunity.


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