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Virtual Assistant Services During Holidays

The Holidays can be a tough time for Virtual Assistants…particularly those who have not yet built a steady clientele that pay consistently on a Retainer Basis.

Depending upon the types of businesses you serve, many are cutting back on their spending as the end of the year approaches. One way to combat this is to offer Special discounts or coupons for the Holidays. This can help those businesses who need to watch their end of the year budgets and is also a nice way to reward clients who are loyal to you and your business. Discounts during this time may be a great way to acquire new clients that may not otherwise consider your services until after  New Years.

Another thing to remember during the holidays is this is a great time to show your appreciation to your clients. Whatever your budget will allow, find something you can give them. Perhaps a holiday greeting card, a gift basket, Christmas gifts or just a discount on your services.  Any act of appreciation you can give your clients will send the message that you value them as your clients and appreciate their loyalty to you.

So many people are busy today and forget to show these little acts of appreciation. You will stand out simply because you took the time to do something nice. Think about the last time a business showed genuine appreciation to you for being their customer. While we should find ways to be kind and show appreciation throughout the year, the Holidays is a great time to do something special for your clients.If your clients are struggling financially during this time, a discount may be something nice you can do for them and keep some money coming in to your virtual assistant business as well