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Virtual Assistants Training Sale

Virtual Assistants Training Sale

Last chance for the Christmas sale for Virtual Assistants Training offered at one of my favorite resources for virtual assistant training and certification – the VAClassroom

Only 11 days left to take advantage of VAClassroom’s Holiday Sale! Start 2012 off with a bang too and take advantage of the savings on some of VAClassroom’s premier training programs.

Everywhere I turn I see “Sale” signs popping up for the holiday season, and it’s no different in the virtual world. If you have taken a course at VAClassroom before, then you know the value of the top-notch training offered, and if not, now’s the time to start. VAClassroom is now offering some of their in-demand courses at a discount – but just for the month of December so take advantage of the sale now.

Use coupon code: HOLDIDAY2012