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You Can Expand Your Virtual Assistant Services By Using Subcontractors

How do subcontractors help you offer more virtual assistant services and find more clients?

All successful home based virtual assistants sooner or later find there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for all of the projects they have. You will also discover you are lacking some of the skills you need for all of the work your clients want to have you handle.

Have you already had to turn away possible clients or agreed to a project you were not trained for with disastrous results?
Don’t be discouraged if you have faced these challenges while manage your virtual assistant business. We all have been through it at some point.

By using subcontractors, you can build your virtual assistant service offerings and get more clients.

Before you use the services of a subcontractor, be sure you have good legal contracts in place before work begins.

The following are three wonderful ways subcontractors can help you:

1. Subcontractors Can Help You Get More Done

By hiring subcontractors, you can greatly increase the amount of work you can take on. If you have twenty hours of work scheduled for one week, you can double that by hiring a subcontractor to manage an additional 20 hours of work

Since the subcontractor charges less than what the client is compensating, you still make a profit on those extra hours, even though you did not complete the work yourself. In this case, you operate as a project manager, quality control officer and client liaison. You are basically handing over projects to your subcontractor, overseeing their work and communicating directly with your client.

2. Subcontractors Have Different Skills

Hiring subcontractors with a complementary skill set can also help you build your virtual assistant services. If you specialize in blogging or search engine marketing, you could hire a subcontractor who specializes in web design to improve your client’s website or expand a new site.

By using a subcontractor in this way, you can meet more of your client’s needs while still remaining their primary trusted virtual assistant. This means you keep a happy client, make more money, and your subcontractor makes more money too.

3. Subcontractors need Less Paperwork Than Employees

Being a virtual assistant yourself, you understand the huge advantage of a subcontractor over an employee when it comes to additional expenses and paperwork. Subcontractors handle their own equipment, office and are already well trained in their services.

The most important paperwork you need to be concerned about is using a proper legal contract for your subcontractor.

Subcontractors also handle their own expenses and taxes which saves you a lot of time and hassles. You also save money because you only pay for the time and service you need. You can usually count on a good subcontractor to provide top quality work because, like you, they are also a business owner and want to protect their reputation…as well as yours.

On the other hand, an employee needs space in your office and you need to provide her with equipment and training. While there are good employees available, you could also end up with someone who just desires a paycheck, regardless of whether or not she worked for it.

An employee will expect a set schedule and will expect to be paid at work regardless of whether you have enough work at that time. And then there is the whole business of withholding taxes and Social Security and additional paperwork that goes along with employing someone.

These are just 3 key reasons you should consider using subcontractors to expand your virtual assistant services and grow your business. You may want to give this some thought as see if it is right for your business.

There are advantages and challenges to using subcontractors, but if you are just getting started don’t be intimidated by the legal issues. Take advantage of my favorite source of excellent contracts and business forms designed specifically for virtual assistants at the VA Chamber of Commerce.