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Virtual Assistant Associations



What Virtual Assistant Associations are available?

Virtual Assistant Associations are available for resources and networking. If you have decided to start a Virtual Assistant business, you don’t have to go it alone. Although this business is done in the virtual world, you can connect with other professionals in your industry and build cooperative relationships with other virtual assistants. There’s plenty of business for everyone and no need to worry too much about competition.

Aligning your business with one or more of the following Associations will increase your chances of finding new business, especially when you first getting started.

Here are some of the more popular VA associations that have been around a while and have excellent reputations.
International Virtual Assistant Assoc.
– This organization is one of the largest and promotes the VA industry by developing professional standards, code of ethics and professional certification. You can apply to be a member for a fee of $125 per year and $99 for renewals. Along with membership, your business name is included in a directory where clients can find you. If you are interested in mentoring programs, teaching opportunities and obtaining certification to increase your credibility, you will want to visit this site.

Administrative Consultants Association - This is a great resource for all Virtual Assistants.

Virtual Assistants Network - They have a paid membership which offers resources for training and networking.
International Association of Virtual Assistants

- This organization is based in the United Kingdom, however offers memberships to virtual assistants in other countries as well. The IAVA provides information and training opportunities for anyone looking to become a virtual assistant. Membership fees are similar as the IVAA and there is an online store offering discounted prices to members.
International Real Estate Virtual Assistant Assoc. (IREAA™)

This site is dedicated to VAs that specialize in the real estate industry. This is a great resource if you are interested in this industry. They offer training, certification and a low monthly membership fee if you would like to become a member and enjoy their full benefit offerings.
The Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection (CVAC ) is the only organization created solely for Canadian Virtual Assistants. We provide a venue for VAs to network, share knowledge and skills, plan events and obtain valuable support from other VAs in various stages of business development.
The International Association of Virtual Author Assistants connects authors and writers with Certified Professional Author Assistants and literary industry service providers. We assist authors through the manuscript creation, production, promotion and marketing process.

Look into these Virtual Assistant Associations and research others that may be in your location as you start your business.

There are many successful VAs who have founded these Associations and paved the way for you, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of these good resources.


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