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Virtual Assistant Niche

Many Virtual Assistants work as generalist and offer a wide variety of services, however there are many advantages to focusing your business on one or more specialized services.

The virtual assistants who learn specific specialty skills that are highly sought after today will build a more profitable business.

Here is why…

1. By specializing on specific services you can better compete with less skilled virtual assistants. When you focus on a particular service and target market, you distinguish yourself from other virtual assistants. Many a potential clients seeking help from a virtual assistant do have a very specific task in mind. If you are the expert in that service or industry, you will the competitive edge.

2. Specialist command a higher salary. Virtual Assistant Specialist that are highly skilled in a particular task can generally charge more. Just like in any industry, those that are the most knowledgeable and skilled can command the highest pay rates.

3. If you don’t focus your business on specific tasks that your target market is looking for, you can find your clients expecting you to do everything they need. When a virtual assistant offers too many services, or does not make it clear what services she provides, she can be expected to do too much or take on tasks she in not qualified to perform. Many clients are not completely certain what a virtual assistant is and what services they can provide. These clients may expect you to handle any task that comes up.

4. Having a Specialized Niche in a Target Market helps you market your business to the Right Client. It’s going to be difficult to market your business to your chosen target audience if you offer too many different types of services. For instance, if you specialize in Social Marketing for online businesses, you know who your ideal client is and how to attract those clients.

5. It is much more financially and personally rewarding to focus on a specialty you would like to pursue. Focusing on a specialty in services you are highly qualified to perform and enjoy doing will allow you to build a great business that financially supports you and that you love.

Which Specialty Should You Choose?

There is a wide variety of VA services today and you should be able to focus your business on something you excel in and enjoy. Here are a couple of things to consider when choosing a specialty.

First, you can specialize in:

1. An industry - For example, real estate, legal or publishing.

2. A task - For example, social marketing, web design/maintenance or blog management. It’s also possible to specialize further by focusing on certain tasks for a specific industry. It is possible to limit your ability to grow your business but specializing too much.However, if you choose a task that is in great need today and/or a popular industry, there should be plenty of business for all Virtual Assistants who want to specialize in that niche.

The following are some tips for choosing a Niche:

Focus your business on what you know. If you’re an expert blogger or bookkeeper then specialize in those tasks. If you know the ins and outs of real estate, then specialize in virtual administration for real estate agents. If you are skilled at transcription then specialize in transcription.

Choose a specialty that you like. If you love social networking then specialize in managing and creating social networking profiles. It doesn’t do you much good to build a business around services you hate doing.

Look for a niche that is growing and needs the help of a virtual assistant. A place to start is taking a look at job boards and online forums. What types of services are other VAs offering? Chances are, there in demand niches. If it’s also something you enjoy and are skilled in then you have a winner.

Keep in mind your specialty is not carved in stone. You can also do something else down the road or pair up with another VA to expand your services.

Specializing in high demand services is simply a great way to get started without running yourself ragged trying to be all things to all people.