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Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant

The Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant is fast becoming one of the most in-demand specialties.

If you have an interest in internet marketing, this would definitely be an area you would want to look into.

If you have a web site, you may already know quite a bit about blogging, social marketing and search engine optimization. With more and more websites being created everyday, bringing traffic to your site is more challenging than in previous years.

Google ads, article marketing, blogging and social networking sites are all great ways to bring traffic to your site, however, many small business owners do not have the internet marketing knowledge to be successful at this. Many of those that do have the knowledge and skills, simply don’t have the time.

Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant Services is One Of The Hottest Specialities Today.

As a virtual assistant and a business owner, you recognize how critical it is to make an on-line presence and be visible in as many places as possible online. Virtual assistants who have the knowledge and skills with on-line marketing can choose this specialty to focus their virtual assistant business on.

Everyone uses the Internet nowadays to conduct business and this trend will continue to grow. The cyber world is full of businesses with virtual storefronts, advertising and people talking on forums and in real-time. Those businesses need to know what those folks are talking about in order to tailor their advertising to their target market. This creates a huge need for virtual assistants who specialize in providing Internet marketing services.

Which businesses are in need of virtual assistant services in Internet Marketing?

Every on-line business requires a way to effectively market their business online. They would like to reach as several potential customers on-line as they can so as to promote their merchandise or services. Unless your cutomers can find you on-line, they may easily purchase from your competitors. Creating and implementing an Web marketing set up takes time and expertise that a lot of business professionals simply do not have.

But it’s not just online businesses who need your help. Just about every offline business has a website and many of them are not optimized well and have not idea how to bring in traffic.

Businesses need to understand how to promote their business online so their customers can find their website.

Many offline business owners simply do not have the expertise or time to learn Internet marketing and would love to outsource this to a competent VA. An experienced virtual assistant who offers Internet marketing virtual assistant services can make the difference between obscurity and building a powerful presence online.

Here are some of the tasks you’ll be able to provide as an Internet Marketing virtual assistant:

  • Article selling
  • Pay per click advertising (PPC)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email campaigns
  • Direct mailing campaign
  • Keyword analysis
  • Social networking
  • Link building

While some business professionals might understand how they want you to promote their business on-line, many others won’t have any idea what they need or what you can do for them. You
need to take some time to educate them regarding what you can do and how you will bring traffic to their website.

For the business owner who doesn’t have time to learn online marketing, the virtual assistant Web marketer (that’s you) already possesses the expertise and can hit the ground running and quickly help the business be discovered online.

Each of these areas may be a divided into subniches of Internet marketing and you don’t have to offer every service if you prefer to specialize in a few. You may be interested in email campaigns or search engine optimization. You can concentrate on the subniches of Internet marketing and differntiate yourself from your competitors.

As the Internet grows, you may take advantage of being on the forefront of technology and knowledgeable in your virtual assistant field.

If you are experienced in internet marketing, you have a very marketable skill that many internet business owners would be glad to pay for. If you lack experience in this area, I have good news for you. There is an excellent training program at the VA Classroom that will teach you the in-demand marketing skills businesses are looking for and provide you with an official certification to add to your credentials.

I completed this certification program and can assure you it is an excellent investment. Even as an experienced marketer, I was surprised at how much I learned!

With the growth of new internet businesses, an experienced and certified internet marketing virtual assistant will have plenty of work and the future for this area is good.

Here is a description of their program:

VAClassroom features an innovative online training center designed to equip Virtual Assistants with the right niche skills businesses are currently seeking in 2008 and beyond. VAClassroom’s certification programs have been designed in collaboration with Professional Virtual Assistants and the entrepreneurs and businesses that regularly hire them.

VAClassroom presently offers a comprehensive ten-module, video-based program called the “Internet Marketing VA Training Certification”. With over 50 videos, a 70-page resource guide, practical quizzes and assignments, a class discussion forum, live coaching and job search resources, the skills developed through the IMVA training and certification program will help you win more ideal clients, increase your income opportunities and expand your services into a profitable and in-demand niche! In addition, this course will provide you with the Internet Marketing know-how to more effectively promote your own Virtual Assistance practice.

Take the right step in your Virtual Assistant career – Enrol today at!

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