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Become a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Do you want to become a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants who specialize in offering virtual support to real estate professionals are in high demand!

Today real estate professionals understand how important it is to spend their time with their clients and are looking to outsource many tasks to skilled virtual assistants. Real estate professionals are a busy, hard-working bunch who could really use an extra pair of hands. If you have experience or interest in this market, then you may just want to consider becoming a real estate virtual assistant.

Did you know that as many as 80% of homebuyers start looking for their next home online?
Real estate agents need to have websites maintained in order to compete in today’s Internet society, and they need to reley on Virtual Assistants who understand the industry, latest internet technology and industry software.

A skilled and experienced Real Estate Virtual Assistant can take over tasks that free up the real estate agent’s time to spend marketing and working with clients.

Common services you could offer as a real estate VA are:

  • posting blog entries
  • inputting MLS data
  • updating inventory and adding virtual tours on websites
  • creating marketing materials(business cards, brochures, logos)
  • Customer and potential leads follow-up
  • Handling listing activities (data entry, promotional info, presentations)
  • Assisting with closing activities (escrow, inspections, signings)
  • Scheduling appointments
  • hardcopy inventory sheets and much more
  • Agents are looking for experienced virtual assistants with knowledge and experience in real estate. You will be able to propose new areas for business growth, create sales copy depending on the area and the situation with the housing market and deal with the questions that customers ask but agents don’t always have time to answer.

    Who is your Target Market?

    The real estate industry was among the first to use virtual assistants to meet their needs. Virtual assistants had the necessary skills to handle bookkeeping, accounting, database management and various other office activities.

    Local independent agents are excellent clients for real estate VAs who can easily become a vital asset to their business. Your knowledge allows the agent to concentrate on their business of helping clients to buy or sell property while you handle the rest.

    As a skilled VA in real estate you will become an invaluable partner with a busy agent and free up their time to grow their business.

    Even with little or no experience in real estate, you can still like to take advantage of this hot niche market. There are training and certification programs that can teach you the important skills necessary for supporting a real estate professional.

    Here are some Real Estate Virtual Assistant Training Resources:
    Offers 2 day online certification – The Real Estate Professional Assistant’s (REPA) course is a comprehensive two-day certificate program that provides an intensive introduction to the real estate business and to the specific ways support staff can become valuable assets to their employers. Every administrative employee in the brokerage office, from the listing secretary to the personal assistant, will benefit tremendously from this quick-start program. Employer’s will save time and money with this resource for professional training, while giving new employees a sense of belonging.
    Offers networking and online training.
    The Real Estate Assistant Certificate Program at REVA Institute covers a wide array of topics – Everything from the basics to niche services that you can learn to help you better assist your agents. Certification is for members.
    The IVAA Real Estate Support Specialist Examination for Virtual Assistants assesses the Virtual Assistant’s competencies in areas that are key when supporting real estate professionals, including: Legally Permissible Activities by Unlicensed Assistants
    IAVOA has entered into a teaming agreement with The REVA Training Center to provide leading edge Real Estate Virtual Assistant training for our members.

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