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The Virtual Assistant Internet Researcher

You may consider specializing as a Virtual Assistant Internet Researcher while this niche is in high demand.

The Internet is an amazing tool for gathering information, but for many it can seems like a confusing maze.

Virtual assistants who know how to quickly find relevant information for a variety of subjects can specialize in research. Skilled virtual Internet researchers are in great demand for a many different types of clients.

As a virtual assistant Internet researcher, you are a valuable asset to your client because you will do the important information gathering they do not have the time or the skill to gather themselves. Finding and compiling information that is useful to your clients can be a part valuable part of your virtual assistant business. Today there is so much information on the Web it can be confusing for many people to know where to find good, reputable information on their business or particular topic. Many business owners would much rather outsource this time consuming task to a skilled virtual assistant so that they can focus on their business.

Why specialize in Internet Research?

The Internet can supply a huge amount of information from the convenience of your own home. Experts in a variety of topics post their knowledge in blogs and published articles for other’s to read for free. Governments, agencies and professional organizations have also allowed access to much of their information online for use by anyone who desires that information. Never before have we been able to quickly and easily access such a vast amount of information on pretty much any topic.

On the other hand, with so much information available, it’s easy to see how an inexperienced person or business owner can easily get overwhelmed. This is where a Virtual Assistant Internet Research expert can provide an invaluable service.

Who Needs a Virtual Assistant who specializes in Internet Research?

Many businesses use the Internet to compile statistics and gather information about their competitors. Authors, writers and eBook publishers need to research their topics on the Internet to gather enough information for their work. As convenient as the Internet is, research can still be quite time consuming and many business owners, authors and other entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time to do their own research. Others may not be aware of the best places on the web to conduct their research and find the best and most accurate information possible.

An important skill the virtual assistant Internet researcher has is knowledge of the search process. Knowing how search engines work and the best way to find exactly what you are looking for is an important first step in research. Generally people will search by using Google, Yahoo! or MSN, but there are several other helpful search engines many people are unaware of. An experienced Internet researcher will become familiar with all of them and can choose for the particular topic and type of research they are conducting.

Virtual Internet researchers can offer some of the following services to their clients:


  • Compilation of current statistical data on a business or topic
  • Research and statistical data compilation of major competitors
  • Quick, efficient research using all relevant databases and search engines
  • Knowledge of keyword research and proven methods for information gathering
  • Gather information for authors, writers and web masters
  • Creation of Spreadsheets and Word documents for presenting information in useful manner
  • Writers may ask for research on specific subjects for their next novel or eBook. A business client may want statistics on competitors over the last ten years. Although you can encounter a variety of different subjects, your online research methods will be similar.

    As a virtual assistant you may want to specialize in Internet research and offer that service to a wide variety of clients. This is an excellent niche to pursue and one that will continue to be in demand.

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