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Virtual Event Planner – A Great Opportunity

Why become a Virtual Event Planner?


The Internet has dramatically changed the way we do business today. Meetings that once had to be done in person, can now be easily done over the Internet. Today more and more businesses are turning to the convenience of the Web to conduct team meetings, sales presentations, conferences and trainings. The change to online events has created a new and vast opportunity for the enterprises virtual assistant who would like to specialize in planning events.

Are most businesses really utilizing online services for their business related events? Recent statistics from just over half of all event planners who coordinate offline, physical events show a recent drop in attendance and 76% of businesses report they have turned to Virtual Event planning for conferences and webinars. In fact, 70% of Corporate Event Organizers polled have predicted a significant decline in live events beginning in 2010 and this trend is only going to increase.

What does this mean to someone looking to work at home and build a successful Virtual Assistant business? It means an excellent niche market with much growth potential. Savvy virtual assistants know to look for target markets that have growth potential and a huge number of possible clients.

Building a Profitable Niche as a Virtual Event Specialist (Even in a Down Economy)

A Virtual Event Planner is an excellent niche to consider.

How does one become a Virtual Event Planner?

Anyone with prior event planning experience will find this an easy niche to pursue. Experience with traditional live event planning is a great start but not completely necessary. If you are interested in the event planning niche but lack any formal experience…don’t be discouraged. Online event planning is not difficult to master once you have a good understanding of computers, have mastered a few software programs and are willing to learn more about the technology that makes virtual event planning easy and fun.

What does a Virtual Event Planner do? They become experts in online events such as:

  • Tele-Events
  • Webinars
  • Online Presentations
  • Live Podcasts
  • Online Radio and WebTV

You can choose to become highly specialized in one of these or specialize in all of them and build your entire business focused on virtual events. Although many businesses are eager to take advantage of this new online event planning trend, the rapidly changing technology can be difficult for busy entrepreneurs, executives or small business owners to keep up with.

A skilled Virtual Event Planner can be a huge money and time saver for the wise business owner who recognizes the advantages to outsourcing this task. They realize their time is better spent finding clients, increasing sales and building business relationships rather than the time-consuming task of keeping up with constant technical changes and event coordination.

It can take much time and effort to obtain good results from virtual events and a huge number of businesses are desperate to find competent help in this new arena. Be one of the first to enter this new and exciting niche of virtual event planning and get a jump on your competition. If you would like to become an expert in Virtual Event planning, check out my favorite source of virtual assistant training courses.

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