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Writing and Transcription Services

Writing and transcription services are in demand and excellent services to provide as a virtual assistant.

Many people are looking for a competent Virtual Assistant to handling their writing and transcription work. This is a good service to provide if you have the experience and skills.

Writing is a very marketable skill for a Virtual Assistant. Every business needs to communicate through writing. There are sales letters, follow-ups, business correspondence, brochures, press releases, advertising copywriting and website content.

Editing: There are plenty of intelligent, competent business owners who are not great at writing. Not everyone is good at punctuation and grammar. A VA with excellent grammar and punctuation skills, as well as proofreading, can be an invaluable asset to any business.

Press Releases: Even those who have good writing skills may just not have the time to do all the writing required to run a business. Press release writing and distributing is a popular task many businesses outsource. Since virtual assistants are comfortable with the internet, many have much experience with writing and distributing press releases.

Virtual Assistant Training

Business correspondence can be a time consuming task that many would love to pass on to a virtual assistant. Transcription devices and internet technology make this an easy service to provide from a home office. Many virtual assistants have spent years in their careers writing and editing business correspondence for their bosses, and this is usually an easy service for them to provide.

Copywriting: If you have experience with copywriting and marketing, you can offer these creative writing services to your clients. I worked for a business that had a graphic artist they used and were very happy with; however, not all graphic artists are writers. I wrote all of the copy for print ads and marketing brochures, while the graphic artists put the finishing touches with graphics and layouts.

Desktop Publishing: If you are competent with desktop publishing, you could provide both services and complete the project on your own. You an also team up with a virtual graphic artists to finish the project.

Transcription: One of the common services for many virtual assistants is transcription. Many businesses like to outsource audio and video recordings to a trained transcriptionist. Many businesses are looking for someone with training for a specific type of transcription, i.e. legal or medical, and you can find work in those industries if you have the expertise they are needing.

These are some writing and transcription virtual services you can offer if you have excellent typing, transcription or writing skills.

If you don’t feel your skills in these areas are adequate but would like to offer these services, there are many training resources you can take advantage of.