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Virtual Assistant Web Designer

A virtual assistant web designer is one area you can specialize in.

Every business needs a website, but few small business owners know how to create an effective website. An experienced virtual assistant with the savvy to create a website and build an online presence is an invaluable resource for many businesses.

What is a Virtual Assistant web designer?

A web designer creates websites for other businesses and also assists with the site setup, hosting and optimization for search engines. If you have graphic talent and knowledge in this area, you can specialize in this niche market if you choose.

Who needs a Virtual Assistant Web Designer?

The Internet is the next great frontier. The Internet is a great way people to learn about a business but they must have an online presence. A great website does no good if potential clients cannot find it.

There is a long learning curve to creating a website and most business owners do not have time to learn what HTML is or an RSS feed. It’s far more cost effective for them to outsource this to a web designer virtual assistant who is much more affordable than a web design company.

A poor website can hurt any business. Pages that won’t load or graphics that are too loud can turn visitors away before they can see what the business has to offer. Many businesses would avoid this part if they could.

The web designing niche is ripe for the picking for any virtual assistant with experience. Website designers who can take the ideas of the business owner and turn them into reality are and will continue to be in demand.

Some common tasks that can be outsourced to a web designer VA are:

  • Web site creation and setup
  • Blog creation
  • Forum moderation
  • On-page optimization for search engines
  • Assisting with coding
  • Adding videos, audio and graphics
  • These are just a few of the tasks a web designer virtual assistant can take on for their clients. Don’t underestimate how much taking care of the many website duties can really take a heavy burden off of a busy business owner, both small and large, who would reather to concentrate on their business and not pulling their hair out trying to figure out html!

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