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Website Optimization: Bringing traffic to your website

Website optimization is the process of bringing traffic to your website.
Free traffic is great for virtual assistants who usually need to keep their marketing costs to a minimum. You can also buy traffic if you want, but if you learn the art of website optimization, you can bring in free traffic to your site. Who doesn’t love advertising that is free!

Website optimization or Search engine optimization is a complicated process today and far more complicated than I can explain here; however, there are some basics everyone can learn and employ on their website to help increase their websites ranking.

The importance of search engine optimization is primarily to target organic (or free) traffic. This is traffic that comes from a person typing in a search term into on e of the search engines and the websites that are relevant to that search term with show first in the results page. For instance, in Google the best ranking page for a particular keyword will show first in the results page.

It is always an advantage to have your website show up high in the results page for a search term, however, there are many ways you can get exposure to your website and find clients.

Techniques for Search Engine Optimization

The search engines evaluate each one of your web pages individually and each page has its own ranking for the keyword you focus on for that particular page.

Each page should focus on one or two keywords. Keywords need to be used a few times throughout the content of the page. Make sure your content is relative to the keyword or you may be better off creating a new page.

The search engines determine the page rank of each web page by the following factors:

  • Page title
  • Meta tag
  • keywords
  • Link popularity
  • Title Tag – The Title tag is the text you see at the top of your browser when you open a web page. It is in the header and placed in between your title here. The Title tag of your website should always contain the most important keyword, as this will help you get higher search engine ranking results. Keep your title within 80 characters.

    Meta Tags – Meta tags are an HTML code that is found between the < HEAD> and < /HEAD> tags. These tags contain a description of your site and are found in the search engine results when you type in a search word or phrase. Make sure your meta tags include your most important keywords, so that your customers will know exactly what your website is all about.

    Keywords: Before you create your website, you need to identify your top keywords that best describe what your site is all about. You can use free keyword tools to identify which keywords are used to search by those looking for Virtual Assistants. You don’t need too many keywords, 1 – 2 per page is enough. A good free keyword tool is Wordtracker.

    Body Text – Be sure to include the keywords you are focusing on in the body of the webpage – 1 or 2 keywords for each page. Use it in the title of the page, the first paragraph and at the bottom of the page. You don’t want to use a keyword too many times (keyword stuffing) because the search engines frown on that. It should read naturally in your text, but you need to use your keyword often enough for the search engines to find it on your page and for your page to rank well. A general rule is to use your keywords at least three times, but not more than seven times in your text.

    Alt Image Tags – These are tags that name on image. You can see them when you hover your mouse over an image. Search engines can find these image tags and they help with your website optimization. Most website html writers today make adding tags to images very easy.

    Link Popularity – Link popularity refers to the total number of web pages which link to a website or individual web page. Search engines, particularly Google, reward sites that have links coming from other sites. It is important to get links from other sites that rank well with Google, are of high quality and are in the same or related topic to your website.

    Website Optimization – Bringing Traffic to your Site

    Here are some free and low cost ways to bring traffic to your website:

    Link Popularity: You need to get links from other websites linking into your site. This is called a one-way backlink. These links in raise your page rank with the search engines while they also bring traffic to your site. Some easy and free way to get links to your site are through:

  • Article submission – write a helpful and informative article and submit it to one of the popular, high page rank article directories.
  • Directory submissions - some directories charge fees, however, there are many free and low cost directories you can submit your website to be listed.
  • Social Networking SitesSocial networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace and others are extremely popular. This social trend on the internet is growing and a great way to get your website noticed at no cost.
  • Website optimization is a complicated blend of art and science. If you don’t know how to design or optimize your website, there are plenty of resources to help you. This may be a task you outsource to another VA with skills in search engine optimization.

    Be sure you have a professional website  that is optimize well and is designed to promote your and your business effectively.

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