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7 Ways Home – Based Business Owners Can Avoid Gaining Weight

I never had a struggle with my weight until I started working at home. An extra 20 pounds crept up on my in a year before I realized what was happening. If you too have gained some weight working at home, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Unfortunately this phenomenon is all too common among work at home moms, virtual assistants and other home based entrepreneurs who transition from the outside work world to working from home. Running a home based business comes with unique challenges not experienced while working in the corporate or “outside” world and managing breaks is a big one.

When you work outside of your home, a break might be spent by a water cooler, in a lunchroom, or outside on a bench chatting with a co-worker. When you do spend your break in the company lunchroom, you seldom find a fully stocked fridge and cupboards chock full of foods you love at your disposal.

When you work from home, your kitchen is a convenient place to take a break and grab a cup of coffee. Unfortunately it’s also convenient to grab some food or a quick snack which often is not the healthiest thing to eat. It can also be a lot easier to get exercise in an office as you have to walk to the printer, go talk to a coworker or visit the rest room down the hall. In your home you can spend much of your day sitting and snacking in front of your computer. It’s easy to lose track of the calories you are eating and sitting most of the day does not burn many calories either.

How you spend your breaks at home requires a little creativity and A LOT of discipline. By giving yourself other options, setting limits and sticking with healthy habits, you can enjoy working at home without gaining weight.

Here are 7 simple options to get you started:

1. Take a break to socialize. Grab your phone, head outside if the weather is nice and call a friend. This not only gives you a chance to take a “break” but also combats the feelings of isolation that often affect home-based business owners. It’s important to stay connected to people but, just like at work, establish a 15-minute break rule and enforce it, otherwise you can lose an entire afternoon chatting away.

2. Clear your house of junk food. If self-control is a problem, you may want to avoid keeping your favorite junk foods in your home. Try going out occasionally for a treat instead.

3. Take a music break and listen to some songs that take your mind completely off your business. If you’re feeling a little tired, try some music with a lively beat kick up your heels! There’s no better energy boost than a good boogie!

4. Take a walk outside. Take a walk and bring your dog if you have one. You will both enjoy the fresh air and sunshine along with some much needed exercise.

5. Try Yoga or Meditation. In can do wonders for your mind and body to enjoy a midday yoga or meditation break to free your mind and relax the body. The benefits are immense and impact all areas of your life and business.

6. Set kitchen off limit hours. Establish certain times throughout the day when the kitchen is off limits and keep out at those times.

7. Try short cleaning breaks. Vacuum your carpets or sweep the floors. It may not be exciting but it will give your mind the break it needs, and will save you time later on so you can spend it with family and friends. A few little cleaning breaks throughout the day really add up.

I hope these 7 tips give your imagination a boost for coming up with your own creative break ideas. There are many ways you can enjoy working at home that do not involve eating in your kitchen!